“Using variable seasonal products of our carefully selected suppliers gives us the opportunity to provide our guests with the freshest products available on the market while conserving the environment and maintaining a low carbon footprint. My passion is to give my guests best experience and different flavour of the grilled dishes they used to know anywhere else.”

Executive Chef of The Big Apple


The Big Apple Restaurant and Café is American grill cuisine restaurant, located in the center of Amsterdam city. Our goal is to serve the best choice of authentic charcoal grilled dishes in a modern place with cozy atmosphere. What charcoal grill means? Grilling with charcoal mostly employs the direct grilling method. In this case, food is placed directly over the radiant heat source to cook. The heat conducted through the cooking grid burns grill marks on the food and gives deep flavor. But charcoal grill is not only for meat. More delicate food like fish or vegetables require special preparation for what charcoal grill makes a great difference. What is more, we use special high quality smoking wood chips on a charcoal grill to step up the aromat and enhance the hardwood flavor of your food.

Why The Big Apple?

The story of the name of our restaurant is simple. We do love grilled meat and inspiration to open american grill restaurant came during one of the business trips to Manhattan New York City of two good friends and also co-founders of The Big Apple.

Come and experience the trully delicious selection of charcoal grilled meat, sea food and vegetables. We love it and hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

We look forward to seeing you in The Big Apple.




American Grill Restaurant & Café

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The Big Apple team